Welcome to our website! 

Hello! I am Manjuri Hazarika, the founder of Kritenya. 

Kritenya is my dream project, and the man behind the whole concept of Kritenya is my husband – Anil Singh. 

Through Kritenya, we both create and explore new possibilities. We reach out to the local people and interact with those people who are skilled and willing to work in a homely work environment. 

Moreover, Kritenya avoids factory work. 

We believe in fair trade practices and primarily work with women. 

Also, visiting skilled weavers and craftsmen from time to time enhances our product quality. 

Finally, the quality piece of work is delivered at your end. 

That was a short brief about us. 

Keep your love and support coming as that encourages us every day. 

Manjuri Anil 

About Our Products – 

Linen Cotton Bags – This is one of the best-selling bags collections since we started. The fabric of linen-cotton was developed by a freelance weaver from Bihar. We have more fabrics that are in demand with our customers, like totes, satchels, and hobos in this fabric. 

Hand Woven Design Bags – This is our exceptional collection of bags woven in a specific traditional way by our woven weavers of Assam. The collection of bags is a mix and match of cottons. They are designed according to our color and layout details. We further create different kinds of totes, slings, handbags, etc. 

Grass Bags – Those bags are directly outsourced from the artisans of Assam and Manipur. Further, our addition is the design part of those bags. We do this because of our motto of using natural fibers and fabrics. 

Upcycled products – The most lovely collection by our customers. Because we outsource the fabrics from Assam and Manipur, we don’t waste even a tiny part of the fabric. Further, we create various products like slings, pouches, keyrings, and charms. 

Wraps/Stoles – Our Wraps/Stoles collections are simple yet elegant because they are handcrafted. We have a range of products from cotton handwoven to Linen and Eri Silk, our exclusive and best-selling product. 

Gifting Ideas – We have been working with various organizations for corporate gifts, and yes, we do lots of customized ideas around the year.