Kauna Grass Small Embroidered Bag

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Kauna Grass small tote bag with raffia embroidery. This bag is perfect for a sunny day out to carry your essentials. The raffia used is pure and beautifully done by our ladies. We have wrapped the handle with a colorful jute lace, to give a good grip. The cane handles are little thin otherwise and gets slippery.

About the Kuana grass: It is a wild reed found in the wetlands of Manipur and surrounding area. They get enough moisture through water and sun too because of its spongy nature And it’s because of this ,they become strong yet flexible, to be woven into any shape.

Material: Kauna Grass
Size :22 x 13 x 8 cms
Care :Wipe with a damp cloth and dry properly.
Color: natural

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